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Golang Developer
  • Diploma/Bachelor/Professional Degree in Engineering: Computer/Information/Tech/Science/Math or relevant
  • Experience designing and developing software applications using Golang (Go) and Java Language
  • Knowlege at Golang Gin framework, Spring Framework, Hibernate or MyBatis
  • Familiar with Microservice and Containerzation
  • Familiar with Postgres SQL, MySQL, Redis, Oracle, MongoDB, memcached
  • Familiar with Cloud Implementation, AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean.
  • Familiar with Git, Gitlab CI/CD, Jenkins, Jfrog, Canary , AB Test, Feature toggle, Blue-Green deployment
  • Familiar with Queue System such as eg Kafka, RabidMQ, ActiveMQ, NATS, NGINX, HAProxy, Traefik, Envoy
  • Experience working with APIs, Web Services, especially RESTful services
  • Familiar with modeling languages UML
  • Familiar with terminal tcp ip / network command , LAN, WLAN, FTP,   Oauth 2.0, SSL, TLS, JWT, HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP
  • SDLC (System Development Life Cycle)
  • Familiar with Waterfall Delivery Methodology
  • Familiar with Agile Methodology
  • Has exposure on involving Payment/Real-Time Online Transfer Project and Online Onboarding Project is a plus
  • Familiar with Java Apps Server (Tomcat), JMS
  • Familiar with Kafka, Java Apps Server (Undertow, Netty)
  • Familiar with java memory management, golang memory management
  • Familiar with java visual VM, golang pprof

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Our Approach

At Renacel, our work is centered around the brand. Creating an emotional connection between our client and their audience starts and ends with the brand experience. We have a deep understanding of brands and the ways in which their attributes can be expressed—whether through text, image or multimedia. We work closely with our clients to uncover these attributes and communicate the core messages that bridge the gap between the brand and its audience.
As a full service interactive design studio, we help our clients achieve all of their goals by making sure the brand experience is fully realized, from the planning stages to the final implementation. Our designers and developers create compelling solutions that target our clients’ objectives and their audience’s needs by finding a true balance between form and function.

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